Hot Truffle Chocolate

  • Hot Truffle Chocolate
  • Hot Truffle Chocolate ouverte

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Melt for a rich hot chocolate

Truffles to drink?

 Enjoy traditional Mathez cocoa truffles melted with hot milk and let yourself turn up side down by the smoothness of this hot chocolate. Never seen before!

 Chocolat Mathez revisits the traditional hot chocolate with its cocoa truffles. Find inside a cup, 3 wrapped truffles to melt with 15cl of hot milk.Fully recyclable and easy to take away, you can enjoy your hot chocolate anywhere.Discover the “Hot Truffle Chocolate”, a fun and original packaging offered only by Mathez, consistent with its pioneer position. With this new concept, Chocolat Mathez is expanding into new markets: “Hot Beverage and Take Away”.

Instructions for use:

1- Open the truffle bag
2- Pour 15 cl Hot Milk
3- Mix & Enjoy.

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