Chocolate Fondant made with delicious Mathez truffles for 6 portions:
Chocolate Fondant
250 g of Plain Mathez Truffles (you can choose another flavour in our list to customize your own recipe)
80 g Salted or not Salted butter (as you prefer)
70 g sugar
80g flour
3 eggs
Melt Mathez truffles 2 minutes in Microwaves (set 600 Watts)
Mix the preparation until complete smoothing
Beat the eggs with the sugar and incorporate them
Add the flour and mix it with the preparation
Butter a big round mold or 6 individual moulds
cook them in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°C.
The cake remains “semi cooked” for a real sensation of fondant during the tasting.
Cool before unmolding.
Serve with a little bit of custard sauce if you wish.