banane truffée

Banana with cocoa truffles

Recipe on the grill
2 mn
5-10 mn
At convenience
Very easy

We have found for you sweet recipes that you can share this summer with friends around a barbecue. What is a summer without a barbecue? What is a dessert without chocolate ?
Discover this fruit and chocolate recipe to barbecue.

4 bananas
12 plain truffles Mathez
for this recipe
we advise you
Take each banana, keep the banana skin but make a slit with a knife avoiding cutting them in two.
Place three Mathez truffles in the slit.
Wrap them each in aluminum foil, making a “papillote”. Place them on barbecue grill.
Don’t forget to monitor the cooking : when the chocolate is melted, you can taste this dessert.
For more gluttony, play on the flavors of Mathez truffles!
1 banana = 1 guest, so make as many as the number of guests!
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