Small and big opportunities

mousse chocolat écorce orange
20 mn - 2h cooling
5 mn
20 mousses
Chocolate mousse with orange peels Very quick recipe for chocolate mousse with orange, carried easily with chocolate truffles with orange...
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tarte au chocolat et caramel
40 mn - 30mn cooling
30 mn
8 to 10 people
Easy to medium
Chocolate pie & caramel Chocolate pie recipe caramel salted butter, made with chocolate truffles Mathez, ideal for baking ! Ingrédients...
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recette crumble pommes abricots
20 mn
45 mn
For 6-8 people
Very easy
APPLE APRICOT CRUMBLE with mathez truffles A simple, quick and easy recipe, made with chocolate truffles Mathez ! Ingrédients For...
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